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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for feeling my struggle and stepping forward to help a stranger. I will never forget it. Your kindness has taught me that you don't need to be rich to help others. No amount is too big or too small when you have the desire to help someone in need. Thank you so very much for taking care of me and being so skilled at what you do. Ever
Posted by Anonymous
I want to thank the three paramedics who came and took me to Rockyview Hospital on Friday night. I’ve never been so scared in my life and I will be forever grateful for their kindness and care. I also wanted to let them know that the baby and I are ok thanks to their speedy response.
Posted by Jay Reynolds
Thank you Helene Hamilton!!!!!
Posted by Anonymous
A big thank you to the paramedics and fire fighters that attended to my sons 9 year old friend today in west Edmonton. He fell off his bike and hit his head. All the kids were very upset, and the first responders we’re amazing with the kids. Thank you for taking the time to make sure they were all emotionally and physically ok.
Posted by Raj Navaratnam
Just a line to thank Mike and Cody the first responders who answered my 911 call this evening at the South Edmonton Recreation Centre. Thank you for your prompt treatment and advice. God Bless. Raj
Posted by Anonymous
On the advice of Health Link 811, I called 911 for my health emergency. Very quickly, 2 paramedics arrived. I want to thank you (my apologies for not remembering names) for your excellent medical expertise and skills, your patience and especially your kindness in responding to what was to me a very scary situation. I am forever grateful to you.
Posted by Val Spencer
On Monday morning we need to call ambulance for myself. I’m not sure which medic group came to my aid. I wanted to thank them for there help. They had to call ppu for medication for myself. Which Evan responded thank you for you care and kindness you showed to my family in my time of need.
Posted by shahbaj singh
Thank you for risking your lives for all of us.You are the heroes that we need at desperate times like this.coved19 has caused so many mortality's it is sad to hear that soooo many deaths are happening but you are trying your best to fight off the virus Thank You Alot For Keeping Us Safe
Posted by Pat
I am sorry I did not get your names. However I would like to give a big thank you to the paramedics who responded to my call in the early hours of the morning for help with difficulty breathing
Posted by sylvia sporek
Thank you all for the continued work you do especially during covid19. You are our angels on earth. Praying FOR YOUR PROTECTION AND PEACE OF MIND AT DAYS END. Thank each and every one of you. Stay safe.
Posted by Anonymous
Two paramedics visited my home early hours of this morning I cannot thank them enough for their help with my breathing they really are amazing both were clearly tired they were brilliant excellent bedside manner just incredible people thank you !
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for taking care of my 5yearold daughter when she fractured her radius and ulna.
Posted by Marina Miskow
I am extremely grateful to my EMS crew that transported me to Foothills Hospital on May 9th. Jackie, Hans
Posted by Elise Ferraro
I am a registered midwife, during the night of May 18 2020 I had to call EMS to transfer my patient and her brand new baby girl from her home to the hospital. Sarah and Hannah were there within minutes, they were professional, helpful and most of all extremely kind. THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES!
Posted by Nicole LaCroux
Big thank you to the ground and air emergency responders for your continuous care and compassion during the ongoing transportation of my son to and from Edmonton hospitals since 1996. We appreciate you ❤️
Posted by Erik Mamers
After 3 years of uninterrupted sobriety I had an extremely dangerous relapse. Unable to stop drinking for fear of having a seizure, I called 911and they sent 2 amazing first responders. In spite of the stigma associated with alcoholism, I was treated with dignity and respect and first class care! I've been sober since. Thank you so much!
Posted by Mishleen Khoury
I am so grateful for the team who came so fast and saved my daughter’s life this Friday. Thank you for your hard work and attitude to assure me and my daughter are in good hands! I could not have imagine a deferent outcome. I will forever be grateful for your team❤️❤️ Thank you thank you from Mila and I ❤️
Posted by Konstantine Dedaj
thank you for helping all the people that are sick or injured.
Posted by Anonymous
My mother was unexpectedly afflicted with severe chest pains. The medics who responded to our 911 call were beyond exceptional. My entire family cannot be more grateful for the gentle and compassionate care given to my mother. After a long ordeal, she is well on the road to recovery. Thank you so much.
Posted by Snow Pea
Thank you to te EMS service for saving us during this pandemic. you guys also help us with life threating illnesses and save us when we need help. Thank You, Snow
Posted by Barb Willows
Big Thank You!!! To Crystal and team member that pick up my mother Helen Powelson from The Village at Westmount Wednesday . Due to this COVID mess they would not allow me in the building or into UAH emergency Crystal was very reassuring and professional making me feel My mom was being very well looked after !! Big Thank You again Barb and Family
Posted by Christine Gibson
I'd like to send a shoutout to the EMS crew led by Leslie Scilley (also Anna Ha and Alayne) who looked after my grandmother at MacQueen Lodge last week. They attended as she had a stroke, and provided incredible personcentred care to her. Taking more time than normal, providing exceptional compassionate and kind service we are so grateful!!
Posted by Dipanjan Ghanti
I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You for your tremendous contributions to our society in these challenging times. You are the true heroes of our country. HUGE THANK YOU and BIG SALUTE to everything you are doing. Regards, DG
Posted by CC H
Thank you from the bottom of my heart on your service during covid19. So grateful for your service and courage.
Posted by Valerie Pearson
I would like to thank Gord and Anna who helped me on April 21 at 1230 am.when my heart was beating at a high rate. They took an ecg which has provided my cardiologist with a diagnosis after trying for a long time to capture an episode. They were polite, professional and made me feel safe. Your work is greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Val Pearson
Posted by Leslie Karren
THANK YOU. Thank you for everything you do everyday. You deal with terrible things everyday, and is a thankless job. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to say thank you and your appreciated more than you can know. I'm sending you all my strength and positive thought . I hope I never need you, but if I do, thank you in advance.
Posted by Shylow Dustin
BIG LOVE,BIG RESPECT!! I am so sorry that it took this health crisis to see all the hero's around us. Thanks for being on the front lines.I am so grateful to still be here to be able to say THANKYOU TO INFINITE AND BEYOND........
Posted by Anonymous
My 3 year old son Maxwell had a bad fall and fractured his clavicle. The paramedics who arrived at our home were amazing very kind and calm, and were super friendly and patient with Max. Given the scary situation, I am forever grateful for the empathy and kindness they showed my little guy. Sincerely, thank you.
Posted by Carolyn Downey
Thank you to the paramedics who helped me after I fell on ice and badly broke my arm. AHS vehicle arrived first, he was very kindreassuring. The 2 women in the ambulance were kind and gentle. They looked after me so well and they knew what they were doing, quick and efficient. I am grateful for your help that day. Good job! THANKS!
Posted by ICNASisters Calgary
Hi, I am writing on behalf of ICNASisters Calgary. Our organisation is so proud of our EMS staff who are showing up on their job everyday so bravely in these tough times of Corona virus outbreak. We want to thank you. Pl check our website