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Posted by Craig A
I was witness to a rather large accident this part Friday on Deerfoot S early afternoon. 3 vehicles involved. I pulled over and called 911, the operator, police, EMS, Fire and Tow people all were spectactular! There's a link about this here httpswww.reddit.comrCalgarycommentse7a0dzcalgaryfirstrespondersdeserveourthanks Thank you!
Posted by Caitlyn Smilianov
Thankyou Kelsey and Amy! You really made me feel like everything was going to be ok when I wasn’t feeling very good. I named the moose that you gave me Mickey Moose. You made my first experience of an ambulance ride feel not so scary. You really made me feel safe. THANKYOU!!!
Posted by Anonymous
I would like to thank 2 very caring paramedics who yesterday transferred my mom from Devon hospital to rivercrest care in fort sask . Kevin has 31 years in the business and Lisa has 25 years. Could one or both of them contact me for a quick conversation, maryanne Jespersen at 2502531431 or email thank you
Posted by Phyllis Smith
I want to extend A HUGE THANK YOU to all the first responders who attended. Your professionalism was greatly appreciated. Your caring nature towards my huge apprehension of being strapped in and riding in the ambulance was greatly appreciated. This fear is now off my bucket list. The accident was at 97 St
Posted by Kelly C
Travis and Curtis were amazing when my Dad had a seizurearrhythmia episode. Calm, kind, goodhumored, cautious and reassuring. I thanked them profusely but after the adrenaline subsides you have an even deeper appreciation of the men and women who work in this role. Superheroes. ❤️
Posted by Anonymous
My little 3 year old was terribly sick last year on December. He had pneumonia. The paramedics rushed to Airdrie Urgent Care and took him in the ambulance to Peter Lougheed Hospital. They were so good to my little guy. They talked to him about their favourite foods etc. and showed him around the ambulance. Thank you so much for looking after him.
Posted by Valerie Stewart
Thank you to the paramedics and all other first responders who came to the Rosedale Park when called early early morning October 28 2019 to attend to my 98 year old father on the 4th floor. My family and I appreciate so much everything you did to make him comfortable and I have no doubt he appreciated your care too. Thank you.
Posted by Ginny Anscombe
A huge thank you to Toby and Malcolm, the kindest paramedics ever. They were so patient with me whilst treating me in the smallest of spaces and taking me carefully to Brighton from Newhaven Thanks guys I won’t forget you
Posted by Judy
I want to express my gratitude to John and Chole for providing empathetic support and care for my daughter on Oct 24 in Calgary. Your attention to her needs at our home, on route to hospital and while waiting to be seen at the hospital, was beyond measure. John, your bedside manner and ability to calm the waters was exemplary.
Posted by Dianne Popke
I would like to thank the paramedics that responded to an emergency situation with my elderly father. I was so impressed with the respect and dignity they showed towards my father. We are lucky to have such a great EMS team!!
Posted by Anonymous
You guys are awesome. I don't think anything else needs to be said )
Posted by Denis Beaulieu
On January 19, 2018, I was met at Sunshine Village parking lot by an ambulance from Canmore. I'd had a freak accident on the ski hill that resulted in a severe laceration to my leg. I'm still recovering from the nerve damage, but my progress has been steady. Thank you so much to the two paramedics from Canmore who got me to Banff.
Posted by Anonymous
My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to send a huge and heartfelt thank you to EMT's Angela
Posted by Anonymous
Sending belated but heartfelt thanks to Melissa and Aaron (Aaron!) for their care and compassion when responding to our EMS call on August 30, 2019. So appreciated!
Posted by Joy Cavin
We want to say thank you for the gentile and respectful way you both handled Heinz. He passed away only a day later, but you both helped us get him to hospital so that he could be in comfort. Thijs, we really appreciated you coming to see us again the next day. Your prayer was appreciated!
Posted by patricia cullen
a great big thank you to TRILLY and DAVE ,who came to my husband last night, you were both the kindness , caring, helpful professional people
Posted by Barbara WellsTaylor
Many Thanks to Paramedics(unit3171) and Supervisor and firefighters from (unit14( that helped my daughter on September 19th, Your respect and compassion goes without words, Also the EMTs at the hospital that took over when she arrived. You all deserve more praise than words can say.
Posted by Linda Toews
Thank you for all the wonderful visits you made to our home when my husband needed your help and trips to the hospital over the last 8 years. It was so appreciated.
Posted by Vanessa Howdle
Rory Thankyou to you and your team. You treated our Grandpa with the upmost respect and care when he required your services. Further, when he was hospitalized, you gave my mom updates on his health and made a very difficult time a little bit easier. Thankyou for going above and beyond for our family. We will always remember you for it, Vanessa
Posted by Maria Kuligin
Hi! We would like to say thank you to wonderful ladies Meaghan and Kelsie who came to help us when our baby had an allergic reaction. They were so nice and cool, and managed to uplift our mood. Girls you are superstars! Thank you so very much! I would like to apologize to the dispatcher lady, with all respect and gratefulness. Thank you so much!
Posted by Anonymous
I called EMS in the middle of the night with symptoms that were very frightening at the time, turns out it was a panic attack. But the paramedics that responded were so understanding,compassionate and kind. They reassured me,brought me water,sat and talked to me until it passed. I will never forget how kind they were and how safe I felt. Thank you
Posted by Brenda Rudrud
Just a very huge thank you to the ambulance team on Tewillegar Road just off the Henday yesterday about 2 pm. Lights came on and we were looking for an accident or expecting it to rush ahead when they pulled into the lane and stopped traffic to assist a family of little ducks crossing the busy road. Made us very happy to see! THANK YOU!❤️
Posted by Clara Wong
Big shout out to Enzo and Paul who rushed to my rescue Tuesday night after butane torch exploded on me. They helped keep my parents and myself calm and got us to the Foothills where they were also very attentive and helpful! You guys rock! Thank you again and keep up the awesome job!
Posted by Greg Granberg
I want to thank the two paramedics who helped me when I was having DKS. They were so helpful with treating me and taking care of my cat until I was in the ambulance. I can't thank them enough
Posted by Steve Nemish
Had to take a patient transfer from blairmore to lethbridge for a ct scan for kidney stones had 2 really super nice guys made the trip and the pain a lot easier to deal with this happened Friday Aug the 16th late afternoon around 430 pm
Posted by Mikayla Carlin
Dear Mr. Crawford. You were there with me when I saw my first accident. You taught me so much and always treated me like an equal. You are an amazing person and have made me want to be just like you. Thank you for the amazing impact you’ve had on my life
Posted by Anonymous
Sorry to have no names! An intoxicated (high), individual had soiled himself and had requested EMS. When they arrived, they spent 1 hour graciously, patiently aiding the individual clean up and attempting to coax him into getting his clothes on (despite his paranoia) and eventual refusal to go to the hospital. KUDOS for your patience and care!!
Posted by Diana Jeha
Thank you for the teddy bear and your help! You made me feel really safe. Love, Diana.
Posted by Lynda Ross
Huge thank you to Mike and Andrea who helped my mom after she was knocked over at the dog park in Cochrane. They were very efficient and compassionate in helping mom. We had a long wait in ER and Mike and Andrea did everything possible to keep mom pain free and comfortable. They also advocated for what she needed with the ER team. Thank you!!
Posted by Arminty Clarke
At 305 PM, on westbound Glenmore Trail just east of Crowchild Trail, a brokendown vehicle was causing a huge traffic back up. Two paramedics put their ambulance lights on, blocked one traffic lane, and helped the driver push the vehicle safely to the shoulder of the road. It was so kind of them to help the driver out!! Thank you to them!