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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Anonymous
We had the ambulance service to our house on Sunday because my partner passed out. The paramedics were excellent. They were caring, knowledgeable, highly skilled, equipped. What a blessing to have such good service. Thank you.
Posted by Rose Marie S.
A heartfelt thank you to Cameron and Riley, who helped out my 87 year old dad. Dad has dementia and was having trouble answering all of their questions, and both the guys were extremely kind, considerate, and respectful of the the situation. I am most impressed with how thorough they were with him, before transport to hospital. Thank you both!!
Posted by Anonymous
Many thanks to Jason and Wally, who came to assist me recently at 330 my residence in Palliser, S.W. Calgary. They were very prompt and were kind, very considerate, and very thorough. They did not make me feel like I was a nuisance even though I ended up being fine. Sincere thanks to Jason and Wally for their excellent service
Posted by Nigel Pritchard
I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping me after I crashed on my bike 2 years ago today, broken collarbone but I'm doing well today. Keep up the outstanding work in this crazy mad world my friends 👏
Posted by Anonymous
I had a terrible snowboarding accident and EMS was called. My two paramedics were amazing guys. They were caring and attentive and entertaining. They stayed with me until I was all checked in and even checked up on me through the night after I was moved to a bed. I don't remember their names, but they were the best part of a terrible accident!
Posted by Melanie
Hi there! I’d like to thank Matt and Richard our Paramedics that came to our aid last Saturday evening! My mom had fainted and was not coming around. The 911 Operator and Fire Fighters were so supportive and kind as well. Our family has been through so much in the last year and having kind people help us means so much. We feel incredibly loved.
Posted by Darla Gunson
On January 11, I had to call 911 to transport my husband to the ER in High Level, Alberta. The ambulance arrived quickly (less than 10 minutes) and there were 3 paramedics. These guys were fantastic!! They were calm, caring to both my husband and I, worked quickly and efficiently. I never got a chance to say thank you but I definitely wanted to.
Posted by Adam Nixhols
To Westlock Ambulance: You responded to me while I was teaching first aid at Westlock lodge and I had what appeared to be a migraine or seizure (we aren't sure yet). I don't remember your names, but from one ACP to another crew: Thank you for being so respectful throughout and keeping me on track.
Posted by Jacqueline Strilchuk
On June 13, 2020, I had a brain aneurysm that ruptured while at a friend's house. If it hadn't been for the EMS team, I would not have survived. I struggle with balance, coordination and sensation but I am alive and I want to thank the team that came so quickly and saved my life.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to Justin who was one of the paramedics who picked me up when I had to call. I’m a VERY hard poke and he not only got it first try (on the vein everyone else misses) he taught me the trick so I can tell others. It was the most painless IV start I’ve had in over a year. MVP for sure!
Posted by Jeff Foley
Thank you so much for the care and respect you showed to my mother. Someone let her use a phone to call my dad. She said over and over how nice everyone was.
Posted by Kalina Abrams
I need to thank John and Jaz of Beaverlodge EMS for helping me through the most difficult night of my life. They showed such care and compassion during my miscarriage,they made an absolutely horrible situation bearable because of their dedication to helping others, and I will never forget it. I’ve sent a letter much longer than 350 words to AHS.
Posted by Jessica Anderson
Thank you to the two Didsbury EMTs (Two females) who helped me in Airdrie go to urgent care. You were the only positive experience during the night but you really made a difference and I'm sorry for all of the bad jokes!
Posted by Anna Beamish
Thank you so much to Matt and Nolan who were amazing! I had slipped on the ice on the way to work (around 1845) out of the kindness in their hearts they pulled over to help. I work as a registered nurse at the RAH so they could've just wheeled me and dropped me off, but they stayed the whole time to make sure I was comfortable. Thank you!!!
Posted by Trinity Gambin
Thank you so much for all that you did for our little girl, Trinity. We are beyond grateful for all you do, everyday, but especially that day. You are true heroes!
Posted by Anonymous
Heartfelt thanks to Sheila
Posted by Patricia Sample
On Dec 22, I broke my knee cap and called an ambulance. Two paramedics arrived a young lady and a young man. You two were so kind and understanding. Please be proud of yourself, both in service and representing AHS. My experience with you two was so warming. With appreciation, Pat
Posted by Cliff Ridley
I'd like to thank Oliver and Andy, who attended to me at Shaganappi golf course XC. I could not have asked for better first responders they did an excellent job keeping me calm and informed through the entire ordeal and got me to FMC safely despite logistical challenges. Thank you for your professionalism, dedication and your positive demeanor.
Posted by Marlene Moar
Thank you to those paramedics who, during this difficult pandemic, did their job and remained professional, yet compassionate. I've had 3 family members needing EMS in the past 2 years and the paramedics have all been so kind and professional. Thanking all of you for all that you do. You are not appreciated enough!
Posted by Kari Fuller
To the two paramedics that came to check out my son Friday night in SE Calgary: thank you!!!!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you so much for all you do!!
Posted by Trish Emerson
RE Paramedics Colin and Grant: In the early morning hours of December 16 these two paramedics came to help us with my husband’s elderly mother. They showed extreme competence, professionalism and empathy. They went out of their way to help us find some channels to pursue further care for my mother in law. Truly appreciated! Trish Emerson
Posted by Lori Craig
Paramedics Tristan and Alex came on the coldest night of the year. My husband has had a rough year battling cancer and, during the night he woke sweating and was incoherent. Tristan and Alex brought calm confidence which was just what I needed. While one of them got my husband settled in the ambulance, the other shovelled our walks. So grateful 🙏🏻
Posted by Anonymous
I can't thank you guys enough for saving so many peoples lives.
Posted by Janet Schwegel
Hello. After a tumble on my bicycle early on September 30, I had two ambulance rides to hospitals in Edmonton. Both EMS teams were wonderful patient, kind, and caring, truly extraordinary people. Ten weeks later I'm still grateful, appreciative, impressed, and awestruck. I hope you have a restful festive season and stay well. Janet
Posted by Daniel Stevenot
Your work is much appreciated. Thank You very much!!!
Posted by Lori Bayne
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you... There are not enough thank you's to express our appreciation to your dedication in your work and caring for Albertans. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family.
Posted by James Elkow
I required an ambulance on Dec 3rd 2021. The two attending members Janeene B and Andre L. were skilled, compassionate, and caring while dealing with my concerns and provided excellent care. Please pass on my thanks to them. James Elkow
Posted by Penny Ford
I’m very thankful that our ambulance was available Wednesday, when I needed their assistance. My daughter called 911, and the ambulance was courteously dispatched quickly. Heartfelt thanks to Shaun and Chantelle
Posted by Anonymous
I would like to thank the amazing paramedic team that came in right on time. They provided excellent services, were very friendly.Grateful for an amazing health care system and well trained staff. Keep it up!!